Adriano accompanying him on the road to success !!!

Following our policy in support of sport in Inka Millennium present a new value and arduous consumer of our products in the Peruvian and international sport here this ADRIANO VÁSQUEZ – SOLIS …


Our compatriot Adriano Vasquez – Solis, parents also Peruvian Oscar and Rebeca with her sister Marcela, at an early age (10 months) traveling to the United States where over time begins to flourish outstanding skills in sport.

After a few years in 2010 decide to visit Sao Paulo where people fall in love, beaches and alongside his father assumed a senior position in a recognized international carrier generating new routes in South America.

It is here that with commitment and dedication Adriano participates in several sports with their studies highlighting and obtaining the Vice World Championship Jiu Jitsu in 2012 and third in 2013.

Immersed in the football efficiently practice sport during the years immediately highlighting their peers and seen by their teachers and headhunters quickly. It is in these circumstances that after a few months to prepare further qualifies the Barcelona school in Sao Paulo.

Finally after an evaluation and thousands of qualified among all schools in the world is that our students ADRIANO VASQUEZ – SOLIS ranks to participate in the World Championships in Barcelona Schools FBC to be held from 21 to 25 March in Barcelona Spain.

Like their parents and friends are proud of Adriano and our products help with a grain of sand to their physical and nutritional development in the preparation of that already it is emerging as a major bulwark in sport star Football.

Letter of FBC

ADRIANO CONGRATULATIONS !!! We will be supporting.

Inka Millennium

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