Book “Quinoa, Five Continents” ranked second in the prestigious 2015 Gourmand Award

Recipe competed with the best culinary books in the world !!!

Book "Quinoa, Five Continents"

The book “Quinoa, Five Continents” developed by Sierra Exportadora, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) agency, won worldwide recognition to second place in the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2015 in the category C02 – Foreign at a ceremony held yesterday in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China.
This Peruvian recipe was chosen to represent Peru and participate in global competition cookbooks, so it was among the seven finalists from a total of 205 countries participating in this award, which is similar to the Oscars.
Thus, the book “Quinoa, Five Continents” competed against the best books in the world: Delicacy (United States), “Samira International Cookbook” (Syria), “A Taste of Belgium” (UK), “The vibrant Caribbean “(Canada),” Interpretacoes make gosto “(Brazil) and” A mess of a tasting “(China).
CEO of Sierra Exportadora, Alfonso Velasquez Tuesta, said that this book was done with the aim of internationalizing the consumption of quinoa for its high nutritional value and versatility in the fusion cuisine. In this regard, he indicated that get this award in the ‘Oscar of the culinary literature’ shows that this goal is being met with integrity.
“From Sierra Exportadora we have worked to boost our Andean grain in various events in different parts of the world together with the Foreign Ministry, called Quinoa Fusion International. Therefore, this book award is a recognition of quinoa worldwide, but also is a recognition of small farmers in the Andean region, “he said.
The book “Quinoa, Five Continents” presented in Peru in 2014, gathers 31 recipes based on quinoa, which were prepared by various chefs recognized worldwide, such as Joan Roca, Martin Berasategui, Elena and Juan Mari Arzak Pedro Subijana, Diego Guerrero, Andrés Mariano Puerta, Paco Perez and Francis Paniego.
It is worth mentioning that in this ceremony, four Peruvian books were also recognized in different categories: Special Awards of the International Jury: “Sweet Moquegua,” Rosario Olivas and Sandra Plevisani (USMP); Latin America: “Passions. Art & Gastronomy “by Gonzalo Ferrand and Marcelo Wong (self-publishing); Charity – Fund Raising Latin America, “Peruvian cuisine” Martin Morales (SBS) and Embassy Cookbooks: “Peru-Honduras. Our table “by Guillermo Gonzales Arica and Isaac Mason Yumbo.

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