Recipe: Quinoa with almonds and cheese

Quinoa as we explained in several published articles has a myriad of health benefits consuming it.
Rich in protein, minerals and especially essential for the body as lysine amino acids, stimulates the release of growth hormone, important in the absorption of calcium in building muscle protein, prevents disorders of depression, blood clots, is antioxidant, helps to slow cellular aging and many more benefits.

quinua peruana

Here is a recipe with quinoa, do not stop taking this wonderful and nutritious grain in our daily diet.


200 g of quinoa
50 g slivered toasted almonds
1 teaspoon oregano
1 chopped garlic
The same turmeric
Chopped parsley
1 tablespoon soy sauce
The juice of a lemon
150 g of cheese cut into pieces

Quinoa is very versatile as well as that goes a long (three times its size when cooked) cooked rice faster. We started cooking quinoa, I explain step by step but you’ll see it’s easy.

The first is to put the uncooked quinoa in a strainer and pass it under the tap. We do this for a reason. Quinoa is coated with a substance that makes is slightly bitter. It is called saponins, natural selection has endowed Quinoa this bitterness to prevent birds from eating the seeds. If not escurres under running water to cook you become bitter, which is why we do this step before cooking them.

One sees we have drained water to a boil. The ratio is 2 1 liquid quinoa. In this case 400 ml of water per 200 quinoa. When the water boils add the quinoa. It cooked in about 15 minutes. Once you have cooked let rest.

Then in a pan put a tablespoon of oil and add a chopped garlic, turmeric and oregano. Sauté one minute and add the quinoa and chopped almonds.

Stir. Then we add the lemon juice and soy scoop. We have to fire a couple of minutes. We turn off the heat and add the feta cheese into small pieces. We serve by adding a little chopped parsley if you prefer hot let it cool for a while and keep in the fridge.


Perú, dedicated to the world

Hello world!

We celebrate the day of Andean song

This date marks the day of Andean song
It is from this date that the high Andean people begin their celebrations and other offerings through the festivities in honor of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and INTI (sun). Until 24 June where peasant Day celebration.



Now begin to celebrate this music that comes from deep peasant with millenary instruments accompany their songs of joy and gratitude that give their land, customs and communities across the country Peru.

RECIPE: Vegetable Salad, native potatoes and Quinoa

We continue to innovate with new varieties of salad that can be prepared with our quinoa and other vegetables on hand.

Here we accompany a new recipe for the delight of our customers and followers.



Ingredients :

  • 1 cup cooked Quinoa

  • 8 lettuce leaves.

  • 2 boiled eggs

  • 1 carrot small

  • 100 gr. of peas

  • 100 gr of green beans

  • 100 gr.  cooked corn

  • 6 native potato small.

  • 1 lemon

  • Salt and pepper to taste.


Cook in boiling water Quinoa prewashed for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain, let cool and reserve.

In a small saucepan, boil the potatoes until this about, peel and let cool. In a pot of boiling water cook all the other vegetables until you find the doneness about 5 minutes. Strain and cool in pan with ice water.

In a bowl place the vegetables and season to taste, add lemon juice and serve on plates with lettuce leaves first and accompanied by boiled potatoes native. Finally add the quinoa in the center of the dish and add the cooked eggs at their discretion.

And enjoy this salad !!!


RECIPE Suffle Quinoa

Here accompany a recipe, you can prepare at home with our golden grain, Quinoa Inka Millennium.

Quinoa Sufflé a rich, quick and easy way.



Quinoa Sufflé



  • 250 grams of cooked quinoa

  • 1 can evaporated milk

  • 6 eggs

  • 2 tablespoons flour

  • 3 tablespoons butter

  • 150 gr grated Parmesan cheese

  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg

  • 1/4 tsp. thyme

  • 1/4 lt. whipping cream

  • Garlic, salt and pepper


1. Cook the quinoa in water to cover for 20 minutes.
2. Make white sauce by frying flour in butter until bubbly, add the seasonings and milk.
3. Beat the egg yolks and mix with hot sauce, put it all together and add the cream and cheese (100 gr). When cool, add the egg whites to soft peaks.
4. Place in a baking dish (preferably) or greased and floured. Sprinkle with remaining grated cheese. Put in the oven at 180 ° C for 1/2 hour.


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Benefits of consuming aguaymanto (Physalis peruviana)

The Aguaymanto (Physalis peruviana), or known in some areas as capulí, is a fruit native to the country that provides many health benefits.

Here are some of the benefits:

aguaymanto light foto 2


  • Aguaymanto has abundant concentration of vitamins A, B and C as well as iron, phosphorus and carbohydrates.

  • It contributes to the healing of wounds.

  • Improves performance of cardiovascular functions, is desinflamante joints.

  • Helps the development of teeth and bones, plus combat asthma and sinusitis.

  • Studies indicate that lowers the amount of cholesterol and stabilizes the glucose level in the blood, which is an excellent antidiabetic.

  • Purifies the blood, strengthens the optic nerve and cure cataracts.

  • It is a remedy against stress, physical and mental fatigue and depression.


Máxima Acuña 2016 Goldman Prize

On our roads in search of the best for our customers and support our “masters of the earth” found in many places of the country, inequality, poverty and injustice and sometimes little state presence but is null. Peasants only demand respect for their land must require the state equal opportunities for them and their children who are citizens equally ours …

Among many of them are Máxima Acuña, cajamarquina, struggling against multinationals trying to expropriate their properties to be the income of lagoons and near gold deposits.

That’s why I defend the land, defend the water, because that’s life. I have no fear of the power of business, continue to fight for the comrades who died in Celendin and Bambamarca and all who are struggling in Cajamarca. . his words were words

From here Inka Millennium gives a tribute to this courageous woman in her fight for the environment. We accompanied at the awards presentation a few days ago …



Let’s do something for nature. ALREADY!

There are many ways to take action before the destructive processes that generate industrialization on the planet and the consequences this brings chain, in our own lives and those of future generations

We all know now that the plastic volumes open sea are an impressive dimension damage sea temperatures, direct contamination to fish and other living beings that inhabit it, their habitat disastrous consequences.


“According to the United Nations the plastic part of the diet of 50% of species of seabirds”

We also found other forms of pollution that humans are not receiving engrossed in our daily lives and with their own concerns, not realizing that these likewise are of the same type and priority, if not more, as the huge amounts of uneaten food and that waste ending in landfills, which could be aimed at low-income people long before decomposition and “due date” that is. And they consume in its cultivation and processing among others, water, fertilizer, man hours, fuel, equipment and machinery in use emit greenhouse gases, and energy …

Resultado de imagen para alimentos en la basura de supermercados

Now, what can we do to remedy this? what actions we should take as modes, custom and / or culture so that the effects are minor and these changes do not follow an ever increasing damage global warming and harmful effect on the environment?

We believe that we can begin to educate ourselves and teach our children the best use of the resources provided by nature, control of water consumption for example also buy what is to be consumed without waste and / or dribble, prefer to use natural and their packaging are recyclable products, among others.


Peruvian ecological footprint, data from 1961 we see how the gap is shortened in time

Being close to the date of March 19 (Earth Hour) is an opportunity for a simple act from our home or where we are Let’s turn all the lights we can as an action against climate change, as many cities are doing Similarly.

If we continue in this viral excessive and irresponsible consumption of resources, at least we think we will have to live planet and it will be late in the galaxy …. this little blue dot called Earth is our only home.


Inka Millennium


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Now the Light drinks you expect …

This is the winning team to beat the heat and keep the body hydrated with quality products that nourish and refresh naturally …



Within our wide variety of fruits we have in the country began to develop energy drinks, natural drinks, in a single line Light, Sugar sweetened with Stevia natural product, fruit pulp, filtered water and quinoa managing to obtain beverages with added value.

Camu Camu rich with vitamin C, Pineapple Quinoa and Quinoa Aguaymanto, drinks with high values in amino acids, minerals, manganese, magnesium, iron, zinc among others, ideal for celiacs, nutritious and a premium presentation quality they already know.
On every occasion you will enjoy these fruits now.


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