Inka Millenium participating in the presentation of VUCE “Trade Facilitation and Regional Integration”

Inka Millenium, Vuce  Ministra Magaly SilvaWith the presence of the Minister of Foreign Trade Magaly Silva, interagency agreements were signed and set out the scope in international trading platform one-stop shop that together with his members countries of the alliance of the Pacific is being implemented and give information flow and data for the benefit of exporters and importers from these countries.

Salad Quinoa

Ensalada de quinoa primaveral con espárragos y fresas. Receta

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Andean Grains: The revolution is coming / Cereales Andinos : La Revolución que se viene.

Perú is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet, as well as a melting pot of races and cultures of ancient origin, whose ancestors took advantage of the fruits of the land offered for the benefit of their own. It is the birthplace of the potato and …

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Soon New presentation of 70 oz. for hotels and restaurants

Inka Millenium seeking to meet new market niches presented soon repackaged 70 oz.Fem directed to the hotel and restaurants Can get better and more varied dishes of his letters with natural ingredients and high nutritional value as quinoa flour for cakes and dishes stole. Ships kiwicha also equally presentation. Both …

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Em breve Nova apresentação de 2 kg. para hotéis e restaurantes

Em breve Nova apresentação de 2 kg. para hotéis e restaurantes Inka Millenium buscando atender novos nichos de mercado apresentados em breve reembalado 2 kg. Fem direcionado para o hotel e restaurantes Pode obter pratos melhores e mais variadas de suas cartas com ingredientes naturais e de alto valor nutricional …

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Desserts that can be made with quinoa flour Instant INKA MILLENIUM

Cherry cake and Quinoa With Inka Millenium is more nutritious ingredients: 150 grams of quinoa flour 225 grams of wheat flour 80 grams of cornstarch 230 grams of butter 300 grams of granulated sugar 5 eggs (separate the whites from the yolks ) 1/2 cup orange juice 1/2 teaspoon orange …

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Happy New Year 2014!!!

Inka Millenium wishes  all customers, suppliers, friends, and especially to allow thier work to continue doing business spend a Merry Christmas and a Great Year 2014!!!

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Products for American Market – Productos para el mercado Americano

KIWICHA (  Amaranto) Instant Toasted Flour  – Harina tostada Instantànea Presentation / Presentación Stand up bag x 120 micron transparent with zipper / Bolsas Stand Up de 120 micras transparentes con zipper net weight of 8.84 ounces / Peso neto 250 Gramos

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