An English artist recycles cans for several years that we throw away every day, transforms, paints and leaves them in any public place for the pick and pedestrians take their house giving them new life ….


My dog 1



Living Happy with products Inka Millenium …


Yo estoy feliz !!!

Estoy feliz con Inka Millenium …

En Inka Millenium nos preocupamos por la calidad de nuestros / o productos procesados ​​y granel, por lo que tenemos el lema ” La calidad es la satisfacción y la felicidad de nuestros clientes … “

Variety of Amaranth (Amaranthus) INIA 414

Andean grain cultivated and developed by ancient Peruvians for thousands of years. The energy value is greater than kiwicha other cereals. Contains 15 to 18% protein, while corn, for example, reaches only 10%.

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