Peru Happy Independence Day !!! with this good news … “PAILA”

Since Inka Millenium welcome this important date with all our partners, “masters of the earth” general public, and now we have a new bastion that will raise awareness over our food and products internationally but especially in Brazil. A brief interview with the Director General

Paila Edición 1

Paila Director Oscar Solis Vasquez answered us some questions on stage in this new adventure which means Paila for the international market.
This highlight of the internationally increasingly recognized Peruvian food, what are the expectations of the magazine in the Brazilian market?
Paila is an online magazine entirely in Portuguese, which is to explain to our Brazilian friends who are having success Peruvian cuisine in the world, unfortunately they have no means which would inform them in their language of what is happening with food Peruvian who is hitting a lot in Brazil, we see for example in the Expoceviche the many people who go and especially in restaurants where they eat a lot of our flagship dish is ceviche.
Paila fills a space that was empty but still actually comes to integrating the efforts being made by the MINCETUR, PromPeru and the government of Peru through our embassies promoting our gastronomy, culture and tourism.
It lacked a means of communication in the Portuguese language so they can understand better, recipes, because the success of ceviche, prepared as ceviche, who are those who are making waves in the world, as they call our chefs, what are our Peru flag plate, what are the flagship products of Peru including eg Quinoa that is hitting a lot here, kiwicha called here amaranth, etc.
Then cover pan comes to the space that was empty, we believe we will be an impact on Brazilian society in their own language explaining the events of Peruvian cuisine to which they are accustomed.
As the idea develops Paila?
Paila is a production of Expoceviche, and Expoceviche is a company dedicated to gastronomy in Brazil and that its main aim is to promote our flagship dish, which not only sells ceviche but dishes of all kinds of Peruvian cuisine, ceviche is our hook where they get to know our culture, our food, our dances, our dances, and know a little more about Peru. We have seen events Expocecviche that have grown enormously in recent years and we hope to do this year, two more, one in Sao Paulo and one in Rio Branco, hopefully for that Paila is the instrument that our cooks, chefs and all the public in Brazilian general who wants to know more our cuisine
That surprises have we Paila in this first edition?
Among the important things that brings Paila for this issue is an interview with the head chef cevichero it were, named the best in the world cevichero Javier Wong, we have an interview with one of the most recognized of Sao Paulo as Edgar Villar the “Rinconcito Peruano” chef we have an interview also Marisabel Woodman Peruvian chef who has a tremendous event here in Sao Paulo and is now putting his restaurant, and also the success of all the restaurants that are opening the second most in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as Restobar Lima is opening two more, the Tupac, there are many restaurants that are growing and hopefully Paila going to be an event that will support the further development of our gastronomy in Brazil
Congratulations for this magazine and entrepreneurial successes, anything you want to add?
A Happy 28th all and thank  Inka Millenium  this with us, supporting us and soon this product to be in Brazil that people wait with great enthusiasm.
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