Expo Ceviche Rio Branco-Acre 2015

The Expoceviche is already an event with its own brand that is taking more body every year, and now to be held in Rio Branco – Acre.
We interviewed this event promoter Oscar Vásquez Solís where we demonstrated that Peruvian products have many business opportunities on this side of the continent. Inka Millenium will be present exhibiting our products such as quinoa, amaranth, light aguaymanto jam, nectar and other Camu Camu light, making it even more valuable to know our food culture now for everyone …



1. Now comes expociveche in Rio Branco. What is your expectation for this mega event?
After hard work and negotiations with the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Acre. We have come to fruition to perform the ExpoCeviche in Acre.
We have the support of the government of Acre and the Peruvian Consulate in Rio Branco.Las expectations are making a Peruvian gastronomic culture event on the border is a challenge for all involved.
We do it at the border will help us to finally open the door of Brazil to our country.
The Peruvian ExpoCeviche is a party where we teach the Brazilians a little of our country, and so we invite them to visit us. Food, dance. music. beverages. crafts. products. tourism, culture in order all the great range of possibilities offered by our country.
2. Do you think that our commercial possibilities with our neighboring country can and should be more fluid? What do you think are the limitations that prevent us from growing much more?
The truth is that if they are limited despite serious efforts are being made through the MINCETUR to head Antonio Castillo. But much remains to be done. We have coming to Brazil, such as asparagus products. black olives. quinoa. oregano some canned peppers. Marinis in latados products and frozen. Pisco finally are several but many still missing. Work should be done government to government to remove some obstacles especially in tax and customs clearance delay products.
 3. There are Peruvian products entering the Brazilian market. He believes there is a market for more products?
I mentioned some products but all Peruvians think they have a chance in Brazil is a large market almost 7 times Peru then imagine the great economic potential for the sale of our products.
4. Quinoa is one of the products already in the market the largest country in South America with a strong presence of Bolivian producers. That companies will be present with these products and others in Rio Branco Acre expoceviche 2015?
If the quinoa is becoming a product of the basic basket now many Brazilians consume albeit most quinoa q entering Brazil is Bolivia also are realizing q Peruvian Quinoa has higher quality. Some companies like Inka Millemium will be present in the ExpoCeviche Rio Branco-Acre.
5. Do you think the authorities in both countries should speed up the process of customs control and others to greater efficiency in our business relationships?
If you already mencionanos earlier if there is a greater streamlining customs I think many Peruvian products would already be in supermarkets in Brazil.
6. Per capita income of Brazilians in the south is higher than average, this is not an opportunity to place our products by the Interoceanic Highway?
If the Interoceanic can not believe I used to what was created, we see very little trade between Peru and Brazil for that area. Peruvian products go by ship to the port of saints or the port of Valparaiso – Chile and from there overland to Brazil. For the Interoceanic moves more an issue across borders. Puerto Maldonado Rio Branco and Porto Velho. Cusco but no more. The only company working for the Interoceanic from end to end Peru’s international express Ormeno for almost five years ago.
7. Apart from our ceviche dishes will attend the expo?
A part of ceviche. causes. tiraditos. lomo saltado. aji de gallina in order a lot of dishes with a touch of the area. It also goes to the cylinder habrr pig.
8. Something you want to add?
Just invite all Peruvians to participate in this great celebration of Peru on Brazilian soil.
The event on Sunday November 8th will be held on the boardwalk in Rio Branco from 12 am.

June, 2015



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