France will prohibit throwing food supermarkets.


One third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted worldwide, equivalent to about 1300 million tonnes per year. Volumes may be increasing when there is a population of almost a billion people hungry.
To this add the loss of energy, water, land and other inputs for production. It is high time that more countries take similar measures to the French …

Inka Millenium

France has about 66 million inhabitants. And each year they pull away between 20 and 30 kilos of food, worth a total of about 15 million euros. A wild, and more waste in times of crisis …

The French government announced three years ago its intention to halve food wastage in 2015. And finally begun to do so: the National Assembly on Thursday voted unanimously to legislation prohibiting supermarkets and superstores destroy or throw junk food or food products that have remained unsold and still are able to be consumed. We talk for example of products whose packaging has been damaged and can not be sold to the public, even though the food product is in good condition.

The large retail chains that are forced to give free food to NGOs that provide assistance to people in poverty so. And in case of expired products, such as pasta packages will have to be allocated to feeding animals or the production of compost for agriculture. Anyway use them in one way or another that food and avoid waste.

“It is scandalous to see how sprayed with bleach trash supermarkets where in it still edible products,” claimed Guillaume Garot, Social Democratic and promoter of this law, which on Tuesday a new vote will be submitted to the National Assembly and then he goes to the Senate, which is expected to be approved without problems.

The provision prohibiting throwing food supermarkets is part of a broader law also proposes measures to avoid waste in children’s canteens and teach children to reduce food waste. Furthermore, parliamentarians are discussing ending the expiration dates on some products that are characterized by being evergreen.



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