Inka Millenium present at important events in Peruvian cuisine at Mistura 2014 … Now …

 In our country we celebrate every year the value, culture and effort from ancient eras to cultivate, develop and protect all our culinary heritage.

This not only shows in everyday dishes more known international mind but makes worldview eg only one 150 varieties of native potatoes have the thousands that exist and have been protected and cultivated by farmers ancestors actualides our andes and the jungle too …

Inka Millenium starts with a grain of sand in supporting these farmers for us called “Fathers of the earth,” and in this scenario is that the great Mistura Fair is more a window to reassess not only the Pope, but the peppers, cocoa, coffee, fruits like chalarina, camu camu (Myrciaria Dubia), grains like quinoa (now known worldwide but ancient Peruvians consumed for thousands of years), their “cousins​​”, Amaranth (amarantus caudatus) and cañihua (Chenopodium pallidicaule) grains similar properties in proteins and minerals.

But not only shown what we have but what we can do with them, breads quinoa, amaranth borwnies, camu camu jams, and more.

Here are some images of MISTURA 2014 and there was Inka Millenium !!!


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