Peruvian Quinoa sales to united states grew 239%


Ventas de quinua peruana a Estados Unidos crecieron en 239%

Quinoa, our golden bean a superfood…

Shipments of Peruvian quinoa market in the United States totaled $ 50 million between January and July this year, an amount that shows an increase of 239% from the same period in 2013.

Minister of Foreign Trade, Magali Silva, said that with the result, the north country ranks as the largest buyer of Andean grain from a list of 45 international markets.

Silva said his office has been making intense commercial promotion of Peruvian quinoa both at home and abroad.

He also noted the need for producers and exporters of quinoa consider “existing regulations in sanitary and phytosanitary matters demanded by the American market” to strengthen the product positioning in this square.


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