Toasted Quinoa

Toasted Quinoa

Evaluation shows in the roasting process. Within our quality control we sampled checking levels of humidity and temperature. This allows us to keep making our best meal protéicos values.



Etiquetado bolsas



Tagged amaranth flour bags. We control optimization in printing labels and these are thoroughly checked and attached in the bags.  Amaranth flour.





Medicion de Brix

Using Spectrometer

Control of raw materials.

We check the quality of raw material to work.




 Nivel de Ph

Measurement of PH

Cooling production of jams.

Cooling production of jams.



Measurement of PH.

In our tests of new products (jams) control the PH levels of the fruit pulp according to our production processes.

 Cooling products.

In product testing of controlled cooling processes we performed to evaluate the final product.

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