Recipe: Quinoa with almonds and cheese

Quinoa as we explained in several published articles has a myriad of health benefits consuming it.
Rich in protein, minerals and especially essential for the body as lysine amino acids, stimulates the release of growth hormone, important in the absorption of calcium in building muscle protein, prevents disorders of depression, blood clots, is antioxidant, helps to slow cellular aging and many more benefits.

quinua peruana

Here is a recipe with quinoa, do not stop taking this wonderful and nutritious grain in our daily diet.


200 g of quinoa
50 g slivered toasted almonds
1 teaspoon oregano
1 chopped garlic
The same turmeric
Chopped parsley
1 tablespoon soy sauce
The juice of a lemon
150 g of cheese cut into pieces

Quinoa is very versatile as well as that goes a long (three times its size when cooked) cooked rice faster. We started cooking quinoa, I explain step by step but you’ll see it’s easy.

The first is to put the uncooked quinoa in a strainer and pass it under the tap. We do this for a reason. Quinoa is coated with a substance that makes is slightly bitter. It is called saponins, natural selection has endowed Quinoa this bitterness to prevent birds from eating the seeds. If not escurres under running water to cook you become bitter, which is why we do this step before cooking them.

One sees we have drained water to a boil. The ratio is 2 1 liquid quinoa. In this case 400 ml of water per 200 quinoa. When the water boils add the quinoa. It cooked in about 15 minutes. Once you have cooked let rest.

Then in a pan put a tablespoon of oil and add a chopped garlic, turmeric and oregano. Sauté one minute and add the quinoa and chopped almonds.

Stir. Then we add the lemon juice and soy scoop. We have to fire a couple of minutes. We turn off the heat and add the feta cheese into small pieces. We serve by adding a little chopped parsley if you prefer hot let it cool for a while and keep in the fridge.


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