Study reveals health benefits of consuming camu-camu

This fruit native to Peru is high in vitamin C, it grew to about silvestremente years ago, now is becoming known in other countries of America and Europe …

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A National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) of Brazil reveals the effect of camu-camu fruit in reducing fat and sugar in the blood of healthy adults, officials reported Thursday.

The camu-camu (Myrciaria dubia) of the family Myrtaceae, is a native species from the Amazon region, which usually grows on the banks of lakes and rivers, and is considered as the richest fruit in vitamin C on the planet.

“The results demonstrate the potential benefit of vitamin C and, particularly, the camucamu health because this fruit capsules proved to be more efficient in lowering lipoprotein levels synthetic ascorbic acid” Francisca Souza said researcher in a statement INPA.

The study was conducted with two control groups; one received capsules of powdered fruit, while the second will have been supplied with synthetic vitamin C capsules.

Individuals in the first recorded a significant increase in serum levels of ascorbic acid and a significant decrease in blood glucose, while the second just saw a decline in recent values.

According to the investigators, investigating the properties of camu camu for over ten years, Vitamin C has a high percentage of anthocyanin, unasustancia which acts as an antioxidant and prevent cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

“The camu-camu has a high potential to be exploited as a functional food (those made to fulfill a specific mission) in both the Amazon and in major markets such as Asia, Europe and the United States,” said the researcher from INPA, Lucia Yuyama.

The use of camu camu is already common worldwide as nutritional and phytotherapy for the treatment of depression and strengthening the immune system supplement.

Source: EFE


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