This dessert that is part of our culinary culture since the times of the Viceroyalty is here in recipe for all sweet lovers based on sweet potato and squash. #NaturalLive



picarones 1



For the picarones

-¼ kilo of sweet potato

-¼ kilo of squash

-1 liter of water

-1 cinnamon branch

-4 ¼ cups of unprepared flour



-3 tablespoons of yeast


For honey

-2 chancaca tapas

-1 cinnamon branch

-4 units of clove

-¼ unit of orange peel

-2 fig leaves

-¼ pineapple unit

-1 cup of water


For the picarones

In a pot you will toss the sweet potatoes and squash diced, then add the liter of water and cinnamon. You’ll let it boil.

Then you’re going to strain the sweet potato and squash, so you crush it until you get a puree of both ingredients.

When you have it crushed add the flour a few while you are going to mix it. Then combine the warm water with the sugar in a bowl.

Once you have the mixture you will add the water with the yeast dissolved in the dough. When you combine it you will hit the dough.

You will cover it with plastic wrap and leave it to rest for two hours. When the time passes, you will knead again, then cover it again and let the dough swell for at least three hours.

For honey

While the mass of the picarones is resting, put water in a pot until it boils. Then add the chancaca, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, fig leaves and pineapple.

You will mix it and let it boil, approximately, 45 minutes. Then you will strain it and let it cool down.

When you have ready the dough, you should put a lot of oil to heat. In a small container you will mix water with salt.

You will dip your hands and take some of the dough, which you will stretch with both hands and you will form like a donut.

When the float dough turns with the wooden stick and serve it. Then you will pour the honey over all the picarones.

And now it only remains to enjoy !!!



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